Unknown vietnamese blog, as a 4th popular site by Alexa ranking?

Hi people.

This is message for everyone here, which are interest on this thing, like Alexa ranking. I think, that Alexa is hacked by some people. Site ‘Melyweb.net’ is popular in Top 500 global sites, as 4th popular site. But strange is, that there are not many vietnamese people and site is not in English.

Melyweb is site from Vietnam. It looks, like It is a blog hosteing service. I don’t understand Vietnamese, but This is very strange. I think, that Alexa ranking has some problem, or this site is curently hacked. I think, that You maybe don’t know this site, like me. I am not think on Vietnamese people. This site is popular in Vietnam and ofcourse, in the world, as 4th popular site before search engine Baidu. But, try think, that Vietnamese people are very many in the world, like Chinese, or no? And, why this site is most popular, like Baidu?

rational – irrational politics and protection against that

I have played one onlyne browser game ‘Nation states’.This game is political simmulation. I accepted issues in this game. But, there were some strange things of issues. Some of that were written very irrationally and halfly rationally. Sometimes something strange happened, where I accepted one thing, which sounds better for me.

But, it is also normal in our life, specially novadays in the western countries. We have some politics in Slovakia, which live at past, where Russia was a great country. Also, there are another people (but this is not only in Slovakia), which are unhappy. Nextly, there are another people from Russia (this example can be used on another countries), which notice something strange and they are in politics. Those people try to inform somebody or finance those people to create some political party, which are some Neofascists and Neonazis people too. It looks, like sprink, which can shoot.

This is, because some people had for example America enough. This is very similar, like You say, that I mostly eat common food, for example chips (or French fries) and You feel so annoyed. You’ll say Yourself, that You would like to eat something another (alternative), for example earthworm. Ofcourse, this isn’t so tasty. After some time You say to Your ego, that this is something another and It isn’t, like those terrible fries. Now You will start to eat It, also this is very bad food.

Sometimes It is best to eat fruits or vegetable, or something, from bio grocery stores. It is better, like those things. Or, by another way. Sometimes isn’t great to interest about politics so much. Great choice is interest on something cultural, or educative. I knew one very interresting example. Some people in 60’s or 70’s years of 20th century hate those things, with Vietnam war. Those people tried to interest on Vietnam and this culture, not politics. After that, those people moved from this cultural interest to another near places, or far places, but with cultural similarities, for example Japan, China and India. It was beginning of such cultures and movements, like Hippies and New age. This is a great example, how to protect from politics and don’t interest on negative things. People wants alot of informations to thinking normally.