This is big mistake of people, not of nation

I’ve read new about one reality show, where people will be at Siberia with one knife fighting to survive. Fighting, violence and rape is also allowed. This show is organized by one russian billionaire. There is a question. Russians are also bad, like It sounds, or no?

My explanation is, that this is not ov Russians, Americans, Germans and another nations. This is of people, of big richest people. Sometimes those people watch only money and human life is sometimes nothing for those fellows. If somebody creates a stupid game, like this, those people wants to kill another and made It for own entertaynment. I know, It sounds very great and adventurous for surviving on Siberia, but if It is only knife in hands, You can also survive, but mostly killing anothers. This is also very typical for people, killing ourselves with some stupid reasons, which I don’t want to explain here.

This is a message for every people. What is the best? Life, or money in our world? Achievement, or health? Friends and family, or killing a people? My classmate says, that important is health, friends and family. Money are very important, but good life is very rare for us.