Djembe, or Darbuka (doumbek)

I had a question, what is great for beginners. Darbuka (also known as doumbek), or Djembe.

I think on typical famous goblet drums on musical instrument market. But I have experience by listening and trying. Darbuka has a sharp sound. It is very great, if You would like to play oriental music. Doumbek is this same, like darbuka, but bigger. This goblet drum is used in area from North Africa, across the Middle east, to the Balkans.

Djembe is used in west africa, specially in area, where is Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina and Ivory coast. Djembe has a easy soft sound and by my experience is very great to use also for music therapy, as well as in rhythmical improvisation. Maybe It is, because african music is polirhythmic….