Big problem in our world

I have heard idea, how to stop growth of russian economy. By stopping buying gas cars and start to buy electromobils. But, this is not only political thing. It gets me some ideas and thoughs.

One of the most problem is the oil from cars, gas (or petrol), diesel and another things, which destroys our nature and threating environment. I understand, that money is great to live and politicians manage our country. Ofcourse, but nature is around us. I’ve heard about big threatening of natural environment in South Korea. Ofcourse, this is not strange, because South Korea started to industrialize. But, where is nature?

Last example is very typical. China is ofcourse the big economic nation, but air pollution in China is very bad information. It means, that those people work and not think on nature. Also, another example is destruction of various rain forests, but who made this problem? Ofcorse, human. But, young and some big workers are not think on It, what We do. This is result also of global warming. This same is also happened in our forests. Try think on Your nature and remember, that some human tribes, plants and animals are sometimes destroyed by our hands. If You want more evidences, try check this article for this, that we are sometimes the worst beings in our planet. This is also very much to write about, but many of You says, that this is stupidity. No, this is not stupidity and if We destroy our nature, we also slowly destroy our selves.