Soma FM – a new spiritual revolutional radio station

It is maybe three weeks ago, when I discovered new radio stations. Somebody maybe knows me very well and also for those, which don’t know me, I love listening radio stations too. I see on some internet radio stations some great finds of music, which is alternative (for me). For explanation on It, I was very surprised, when I heard a balkan music, when I’ve heard It from some world music collections from the west and also original Balkan music from countries, such as Serbia, Croatia, Romania ETC, ofcourse on radio stations via the internet.

After that I had a vision to find some great music and still internet radios are great place for me. But, on november, 2016 I’ve discovered new radio station (or network of internet radio stations), when I tried to find something ambient (ambient music, or various sounds). I understand now, why some people love special radios with such sounds, like nature only, fire only, or only train. But, why not with music? After some weeks of those discoveries of those strange radio stations on the internet I discovere, that those new stations are in category ‘Ambient’. After that, I tried to search some ambient music and ofcourse this music is very similar to New age music. Ambient music is key to New age music and by one description for music, which can heal I discovered, that this is ambiental music.

I am also interested on experimental music and I discovered, that ambiental music is music, which sounds, like some musical noise. There isn’t any rhythm and regular musical structure, as We know, but It is still beautiful music. Ambient music is based on drone music and also, there is one channel in Soma FM network, ‘Drone zone’ with great ambient music, which sounds, like great New age music for me.

Why this radio is named Soma FM? I think on network. This is a secret to You, dear readers on my blog. But, if You would like to know It and listen also not only ambient stations, but some celtic, Trance, country, Chillout or Lounge, click here and You’ll know everything.

I wish also great success to Soma FM team and also, one thing. Soma FM is Free commercial radio.

rational – irrational politics and protection against that

I have played one onlyne browser game ‘Nation states’.This game is political simmulation. I accepted issues in this game. But, there were some strange things of issues. Some of that were written very irrationally and halfly rationally. Sometimes something strange happened, where I accepted one thing, which sounds better for me.

But, it is also normal in our life, specially novadays in the western countries. We have some politics in Slovakia, which live at past, where Russia was a great country. Also, there are another people (but this is not only in Slovakia), which are unhappy. Nextly, there are another people from Russia (this example can be used on another countries), which notice something strange and they are in politics. Those people try to inform somebody or finance those people to create some political party, which are some Neofascists and Neonazis people too. It looks, like sprink, which can shoot.

This is, because some people had for example America enough. This is very similar, like You say, that I mostly eat common food, for example chips (or French fries) and You feel so annoyed. You’ll say Yourself, that You would like to eat something another (alternative), for example earthworm. Ofcourse, this isn’t so tasty. After some time You say to Your ego, that this is something another and It isn’t, like those terrible fries. Now You will start to eat It, also this is very bad food.

Sometimes It is best to eat fruits or vegetable, or something, from bio grocery stores. It is better, like those things. Or, by another way. Sometimes isn’t great to interest about politics so much. Great choice is interest on something cultural, or educative. I knew one very interresting example. Some people in 60’s or 70’s years of 20th century hate those things, with Vietnam war. Those people tried to interest on Vietnam and this culture, not politics. After that, those people moved from this cultural interest to another near places, or far places, but with cultural similarities, for example Japan, China and India. It was beginning of such cultures and movements, like Hippies and New age. This is a great example, how to protect from politics and don’t interest on negative things. People wants alot of informations to thinking normally.

Boasting with dangerous things

I’ve heard about various boastings with nuclear weapon. I don’t want to explain, if It made Russia, U.S., Iran, North Korea, maybe India, China, Japan ETC.

Here is my view on It:
If somebody is boasting with something, like nuclear weapon, this country seens to be a leader. But, using of nuclear weapon is result of destroying every life in the world. Ofcourse, those things weren’t known, if America used atomic bomb on Hiroshima. By using this thing, most of people have been killed, if It was enemy, or friend.

Remember, that if somebody is boating with a nuclearic weapons and sometimes blame another nation with use, remember, that this man want to be some kind, like big authority or dictator. Those human want to use nuclear weapon and he doesn’t think to innocent people, which haven’t nothing common with politics. Stop those stupid boatings.

Existence of god

I’ve heard various things about existence of god and views of this being, which creates our world, space and everything around us. Here is my personally look on It.

Every religion says, that theyr god is true and sometimes another god, sometimes religion is false. Some people are impose its beliefs.

Some people, because of this spiritual unfreedom try to be an atheists. By those people, god doesn’t exists, god is stupidity. Some of those are becoming consumers, or people to interest only by material things and not spiritual.

I very admire Buddhists, or eastern philosophies, because Buddhism by those people is only philosophy, not religion. Some of those people don’t solve existence of god, but they believe, that something like god is existing. I’ll agree with this idea. I also believe on this, that god is here. I dislike also abusing of this word ‘god’, which is result of spiritual unfreedom.