Big problem in our world

I have heard idea, how to stop growth of russian economy. By stopping buying gas cars and start to buy electromobils. But, this is not only political thing. It gets me some ideas and thoughs.

One of the most problem is the oil from cars, gas (or petrol), diesel and another things, which destroys our nature and threating environment. I understand, that money is great to live and politicians manage our country. Ofcourse, but nature is around us. I’ve heard about big threatening of natural environment in South Korea. Ofcourse, this is not strange, because South Korea started to industrialize. But, where is nature?

Last example is very typical. China is ofcourse the big economic nation, but air pollution in China is very bad information. It means, that those people work and not think on nature. Also, another example is destruction of various rain forests, but who made this problem? Ofcorse, human. But, young and some big workers are not think on It, what We do. This is result also of global warming. This same is also happened in our forests. Try think on Your nature and remember, that some human tribes, plants and animals are sometimes destroyed by our hands. If You want more evidences, try check this article for this, that we are sometimes the worst beings in our planet. This is also very much to write about, but many of You says, that this is stupidity. No, this is not stupidity and if We destroy our nature, we also slowly destroy our selves.

You can’t access to the kingdom of heaven

This is sometimes very strange, if I heard about those activities, like kingdom of heaven, to pray for god, also if We do bad things. But, those bad things We do in the name of god, allah, or Bog, dios and I don’t know, which name. I say It corectly, because word ‘god’ is very anoiable, universe. We do the big mistake.

First step to be nearly of this, which We called kingdom of heaven is to accept everything and to be in the present time, no past, no future, only present. Sometimes people want to change nature by his own way, this is another mistake. Those people rather use ego to do bad things. It is best to accept also this situation, which is now, also is good and bad. Less is sometimes more and that’s true. This thing is very common in eastern cultures and people in Asia very well understand, that ego and big thinking is trap of us. I admire also Zen teachings, Buddhism and another philosophies from the east.

What is point of this? You can’t access the kingdom of heaven. Althought, by this way, as We heard in the Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Very bad way is access this kingdom by killing of another beliefs. This is big access to the black hole and to the perdition.

We want It, unfortunately.

One of readers of my blogs (in Slovak language) write to me to send message to the Russian government webpage. He have sent those. I wrote about this, that somebody from Russia is supporting extremistic political parties here in my country. I’ve got surprised reply, that He love this person, who wants totalitarian politic here in Slovakia.

I must explain situation not curently in our world, but also in my countries. There are alot of alternative magazines, but those magazines are not write only about some alternatives, but mainly misinformations. Those are financed by Russia, which I heard. Those people, which read It are against multiculturalism. Also, alternative things are my spiritual things, not politic from another side, non-democratic. I don’t imagine, what will happened, if those extremists win the votations. Multiculturalism not present only United states or the west, but also various cultures from around the world.

Now, It is my last warning before I keep my blog quiet (or remove It): We want It. I love various cultures on the globe. I am very surprised, but It is normal, that various people are naive here. I noticed, that my friends also read a christian posts, but there was idea of radical Christianity here in Slovakia. Those people were surprised, if I wrote, that this magazine is belong to those, which want to have totalitary government. But, We want those things. I am against those radical systems and due to this, I must do those things with my blogs to remove It, or not to write. Also, there is now time to wake up.

Tragedy of Alexandrov ensemble and answer on some thing

I would like to express sincere condolences to families of Alexandrov ensemble. I love this choir, but I am not rusophile. I love also art and I know, that this choir was abused by former regime in Russia.

I think on this airplane tragedy, when Alexandrov ensemble flied to Syria singing for russian Army. But, It must be. I’ve written about those talkings of nuclear weapons. This is I think, big answer to this talking. It was driven by universe, because airplane crash with people is this same, like use nuclear weapon. Innocent people will die.

I don’t want to wish something bad to Russia, or United states, but I would like to show those things and look to very important site. What is important? Life, or weapon technology? Now answer on those things was right, life. Life is very important, because there were innocent people in the airplane.

Why nuclear weapons? Genocide of people

People in politics things only to theyr ego and not to innocent people. It is confirmed, that U.S. and Russia again talks about war and specially, nuclear weapons technics and improvement.

Why those things? To keep people good? Those things are same, like teroristic attacks. Result is very easy to destroy some nation or subdue It. Don’t worry, those big countries are not alone. There are another teroristic organizations and dangerous movements.

Let’s face It, that We are guilty for those things. Rich people don’t thing on poor people. I don’t want to blame someone, but this is varning. Stop those things with experiments to nature, chemical or nuclear weapons. We’ll be destroyed without differences by those stupid things. Try look to various death innocent people, old, young and children. After this You’ll soon notice, what You did.

This is big mistake of people, not of nation

I’ve read new about one reality show, where people will be at Siberia with one knife fighting to survive. Fighting, violence and rape is also allowed. This show is organized by one russian billionaire. There is a question. Russians are also bad, like It sounds, or no?

My explanation is, that this is not ov Russians, Americans, Germans and another nations. This is of people, of big richest people. Sometimes those people watch only money and human life is sometimes nothing for those fellows. If somebody creates a stupid game, like this, those people wants to kill another and made It for own entertaynment. I know, It sounds very great and adventurous for surviving on Siberia, but if It is only knife in hands, You can also survive, but mostly killing anothers. This is also very typical for people, killing ourselves with some stupid reasons, which I don’t want to explain here.

This is a message for every people. What is the best? Life, or money in our world? Achievement, or health? Friends and family, or killing a people? My classmate says, that important is health, friends and family. Money are very important, but good life is very rare for us.

Boasting with dangerous things

I’ve heard about various boastings with nuclear weapon. I don’t want to explain, if It made Russia, U.S., Iran, North Korea, maybe India, China, Japan ETC.

Here is my view on It:
If somebody is boasting with something, like nuclear weapon, this country seens to be a leader. But, using of nuclear weapon is result of destroying every life in the world. Ofcourse, those things weren’t known, if America used atomic bomb on Hiroshima. By using this thing, most of people have been killed, if It was enemy, or friend.

Remember, that if somebody is boating with a nuclearic weapons and sometimes blame another nation with use, remember, that this man want to be some kind, like big authority or dictator. Those human want to use nuclear weapon and he doesn’t think to innocent people, which haven’t nothing common with politics. Stop those stupid boatings.