Unknown vietnamese blog, as a 4th popular site by Alexa ranking?

Hi people.

This is message for everyone here, which are interest on this thing, like Alexa ranking. I think, that Alexa is hacked by some people. Site ‘Melyweb.net’ is popular in Top 500 global sites, as 4th popular site. But strange is, that there are not many vietnamese people and site is not in English.

Melyweb is site from Vietnam. It looks, like It is a blog hosteing service. I don’t understand Vietnamese, but This is very strange. I think, that Alexa ranking has some problem, or this site is curently hacked. I think, that You maybe don’t know this site, like me. I am not think on Vietnamese people. This site is popular in Vietnam and ofcourse, in the world, as 4th popular site before search engine Baidu. But, try think, that Vietnamese people are very many in the world, like Chinese, or no? And, why this site is most popular, like Baidu?

Message to world about My country

Note: This post isn’t categorized. I would like to please You, if You believe on good and bad people, not good and bad nations in this ways, that for example Slovaks are good and Arabs are bad, share this post to the world.

Now is time to write something before this, that extremists beats me or kill me. I am very ashamed of this woman, which feed and burn the Qur’an. I have not nothing against Muslims (Arabs or Turks ETC), but there are some extremistic groups in My country. I’ve read, that those groups are specially financed from Russia to create a new conflict. Mainly, those groups love the fascist slovak state idea and love also Joseph Tiso. I would like to write this. I don’t know, how It will be in my country. I am not think on those extremists here, but also, We are in very bad situation, which gives this woman, who made those things with Qur’an. I love every people from every religion and those informations, which are at the media creates a bad image of Islam. But, those people don’t believe on god (or Allah). Allah is this same god, like My, but with different name. Those things are not acceptable for example this, with Qur’an. I know also from history, that some militant groups were created in Christianity. Very bad is mixing of economics, politics and religion interests. Also in this point, that We kill pagans, because our Jesus Christ is best, like those gods. This was ofcourse, idea by some Spaniards. But, those people was under the inquisition. It’ll be good to don’t kill in the name of some nation or race. Don’t worry. There are also another people, which can think normally, not like those people, which for example distort facts of Holocaust. There is also big problem with many people of Roma community, which are not adapted with our things and conditions and rather do bad things. But, killing those people is not big solving. Problem is, that some issues are bad set in my country. This is also main problem, for which We have also some neonazi or fascist groups.

For those extremists. If You would like to beat or kill me, just help yourself. You just show very bad image of my country by this way.