Celestial scale

I’ve heard of some people very strange things, that they are worried playing on piano black keys. This is strange for me, maybe because I don’t see anything, also colours. I’ve discovered something very great, when I was young. Black keys plays also melody in one scale. Later I notice, that this is pentatonic scale. It means, that this scale countains only 5 tones. This scale, which is in white keys We called diatonic, or hepta tonic (7 tones) scale.

There are various kinds of pentatonic scales across the world, but this, which We know very well was firstly used in China, when chinese philosophers selected specially tones, which was very beautiful and They called ‘celestial scale’.

One of my friends says: ‘I mostly play black keys.’ I sayd to him: ‘This is pentatonic scale.’ After that I heard one video about overtone singing, in which was also remembered pentatonic scale. One of guests says: ‘I feel, like in heaven, when I played pentatonic celestial scale.’ Also, some modern musical instruments, for example for music therapy, also Tongue drums are specially tuned to pentatonic scales.

Djembe, or Darbuka (doumbek)

I had a question, what is great for beginners. Darbuka (also known as doumbek), or Djembe.

I think on typical famous goblet drums on musical instrument market. But I have experience by listening and trying. Darbuka has a sharp sound. It is very great, if You would like to play oriental music. Doumbek is this same, like darbuka, but bigger. This goblet drum is used in area from North Africa, across the Middle east, to the Balkans.

Djembe is used in west africa, specially in area, where is Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina and Ivory coast. Djembe has a easy soft sound and by my experience is very great to use also for music therapy, as well as in rhythmical improvisation. Maybe It is, because african music is polirhythmic….

Soma FM – a new spiritual revolutional radio station

It is maybe three weeks ago, when I discovered new radio stations. Somebody maybe knows me very well and also for those, which don’t know me, I love listening radio stations too. I see on some internet radio stations some great finds of music, which is alternative (for me). For explanation on It, I was very surprised, when I heard a balkan music, when I’ve heard It from some world music collections from the west and also original Balkan music from countries, such as Serbia, Croatia, Romania ETC, ofcourse on radio stations via the internet.

After that I had a vision to find some great music and still internet radios are great place for me. But, on november, 2016 I’ve discovered new radio station (or network of internet radio stations), when I tried to find something ambient (ambient music, or various sounds). I understand now, why some people love special radios with such sounds, like nature only, fire only, or only train. But, why not with music? After some weeks of those discoveries of those strange radio stations on the internet I discovere, that those new stations are in category ‘Ambient’. After that, I tried to search some ambient music and ofcourse this music is very similar to New age music. Ambient music is key to New age music and by one description for music, which can heal I discovered, that this is ambiental music.

I am also interested on experimental music and I discovered, that ambiental music is music, which sounds, like some musical noise. There isn’t any rhythm and regular musical structure, as We know, but It is still beautiful music. Ambient music is based on drone music and also, there is one channel in Soma FM network, ‘Drone zone’ with great ambient music, which sounds, like great New age music for me.

Why this radio is named Soma FM? I think on network. This is a secret to You, dear readers on my blog. But, if You would like to know It and listen also not only ambient stations, but some celtic, Trance, country, Chillout or Lounge, click here and You’ll know everything.

I wish also great success to Soma FM team and also, one thing. Soma FM is Free commercial radio.