Unknown vietnamese blog, as a 4th popular site by Alexa ranking?

Hi people.

This is message for everyone here, which are interest on this thing, like Alexa ranking. I think, that Alexa is hacked by some people. Site ‘Melyweb.net’ is popular in Top 500 global sites, as 4th popular site. But strange is, that there are not many vietnamese people and site is not in English.

Melyweb is site from Vietnam. It looks, like It is a blog hosteing service. I don’t understand Vietnamese, but This is very strange. I think, that Alexa ranking has some problem, or this site is curently hacked. I think, that You maybe don’t know this site, like me. I am not think on Vietnamese people. This site is popular in Vietnam and ofcourse, in the world, as 4th popular site before search engine Baidu. But, try think, that Vietnamese people are very many in the world, like Chinese, or no? And, why this site is most popular, like Baidu?


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