Boasting with dangerous things

I’ve heard about various boastings with nuclear weapon. I don’t want to explain, if It made Russia, U.S., Iran, North Korea, maybe India, China, Japan ETC.

Here is my view on It:
If somebody is boasting with something, like nuclear weapon, this country seens to be a leader. But, using of nuclear weapon is result of destroying every life in the world. Ofcourse, those things weren’t known, if America used atomic bomb on Hiroshima. By using this thing, most of people have been killed, if It was enemy, or friend.

Remember, that if somebody is boating with a nuclearic weapons and sometimes blame another nation with use, remember, that this man want to be some kind, like big authority or dictator. Those human want to use nuclear weapon and he doesn’t think to innocent people, which haven’t nothing common with politics. Stop those stupid boatings.

Existence of god

I’ve heard various things about existence of god and views of this being, which creates our world, space and everything around us. Here is my personally look on It.

Every religion says, that theyr god is true and sometimes another god, sometimes religion is false. Some people are impose its beliefs.

Some people, because of this spiritual unfreedom try to be an atheists. By those people, god doesn’t exists, god is stupidity. Some of those are becoming consumers, or people to interest only by material things and not spiritual.

I very admire Buddhists, or eastern philosophies, because Buddhism by those people is only philosophy, not religion. Some of those people don’t solve existence of god, but they believe, that something like god is existing. I’ll agree with this idea. I also believe on this, that god is here. I dislike also abusing of this word ‘god’, which is result of spiritual unfreedom.